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Problems with existing pytivo install and my new Premier Elite

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My S3 died on me earlier this week and I decided to replace it with a Premier Elite. Got everything up and running last night and found that while I could pull down video from my PC through the directory that the Tivo Desktop uses, I couldn't pull anything down from the directory that pytivo uses.

If I try to download something on the Elite from the pytivo list of videos, it looks like it should work - ie. the Tivo tells me that it is scheduled, but nothing ever happens. I've tried stopping and restarting pytivo. I have not rebooted the Elite.

If I log in to the pytivo interface on the PC and try to push a program to the Elite I get:

No option 'tivo_username' in section: 'Server'

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files\pyTivo\plugins\video\video.py", line 484, in Push
m = mind.getMind()
File "C:\Program Files\pyTivo\mind.py", line 259, in getMind
username = config.getTivoUsername()
File "C:\Program Files\pyTivo\config.py", line 39, in getTivoUsername
return config.get('Server', 'tivo_username')
File "C:\Python26\lib\ConfigParser.py", line 540, in get
raise NoOptionError(option, section)
NoOptionError: No option 'tivo_username' in section: 'Server'

if I look in my pytivo.conf file there is no "tivo_username" option in the Server section. There is logging information about the request in the debug.log but no actual error messages to tell me more about what the problem may be.

According to the entries in my Start/pytivo list, the version looks to be wgw-2008.10.15.RC1.

Have things changed in the Elite so that things need to be tweaked in pytivo?

The Elite is running 14.9.2-01-2-758

Thanks for any ideas.
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You need to set your TiVo.com username, password, and MAK in your pytivo.conf file in order for push to work. Check out step #12 here in the wiki for a screenshot of how you can do this through pyTivo's web configuration page.
Thanks for the reply. Wouldn't pytivo have already known all of this to work previously though? Things were working fine with my Series3 earlier in the week before it died. The only thing that changed was unplugging the Series 3 and plugging in the Premier Elite. And I see the name "Tivo Elite" (the name I gave the elite) in the pytivo web interface.

Rather than vaguely describing what's in the log, please post it.

You will want to upgrade from that ancient version, though. It won't recognize the Premiere as a high-def unit, nor will it handle advanced metadata correctly (see here).
Windracer - I just looked at the web configuration interface for Global Server Settings and I don't have any of those fields listed - probably because my version is so old as wmcbrine reminded me of. Just had hoped things would just work with the new Tivo. I'll work on upgrading, thanks.
It should still work, but it would treat your Premiere like a Series 2, and of course there's the metadata issue.

Since your unit is new, it may just be that it hasn't got all its transfer permissions yet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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