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I am trying to set up a series link for “Family Guy” on both TBS & Toon, when I set one it works but when I try to set the other to record, the record option pages act as if it was already added. I get statements like “all episodes are set to record” and “all episodes on this channel are scheduled to record”, but when I look at the to do list they are not there & they do not record. I tried different shows (South Park on WB & COM and Lilo & Stitch on Disney 1 & Disney 2) and the same thing happens.

I called customer support and they had no clue. They did say that they went to an R15 and set it up without a problem. does anybody know weather this is even possible. it would seem to me that either it is a common deffect that some machines do not have of that I got a rep who did not check the to do list to double check that it was properly set to record.
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