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Problems ordering HD version of UFC PPV

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I went to order the UFC PPV on tomorrow night and found an interesting contrast. When I try to order the HD PPV on channel 98, I get the "Please try again, or call customer service, ext. 741." error message. When I try to order the SD PPV on channel 123, it all works fine. Why would one work and not the other? Is this just a D* problem, or could there be something on my box causing it to be unhappy with one and happy with the other?
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Ordered fine for me last night. I wish I had some help to offer, but I wanted you to at least have a data point from someone else who tried. Hope it gets resolved for you. It's hard to go back to SD UFC now. I almost wanted to pay for UFC75 just so I could have it in HD. :)
At 1am last night, the ordering process went fine. Nothing changed in the interim. I wish I understood the dynamics of PPV well enough to have a semi-reasonable explanation for this.

Thanks for the data point.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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