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Problem with Yahoo Apps

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When I try to use Yahoo Pictures, Traffic, or Weather, I get a blue screen saying that they are experiencing network problems. Other HME apps (Fandango, Podcast, Live 365) work fine. Anyone else having the problem or know of a solution? Thanks.
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Same situation here, except that the Traffic app is working for me. The only thing I can think of is that the other two apps explicitly require an account on Yahoo, so maybe they're having a problem with that.

I think this problem has been the same for me for the past couple of days.

Same here....everything else that accesses the internet seems to be working...just the Yahoo Photo and Yahoo Weather are giving me the "experiencing network problem" screen. This has been happening for the last 2-3 days.
Same problem here. The Yahoo! apps seem to recognize me (at least they show my Yahoo! ID in the upper right corner of the screen) but Photo and Weather give the "network problem" error. Interestingly, Traffic gives me the chance to enter a zip code and will then correctly display traffic info, but won't let me save the zip I entered, giving the "network problem" error message. Been going on for a few days now.
Our TiVo's have been doing this the past few days as well.

Anyone have ideas where we should be pinging for support? Yahoo!? TiVo?
Stuckeyboss said:
Our TiVo's have been doing this the past few days as well.

Anyone have ideas where we should be pinging for support? Yahoo!? TiVo?
Well from what I've read the apps are written by Yahoo, but hosted on TiVo's servers. Basically this seems to be an issue with TiVo's servers not reliably connecting to Yahoo's servers which means its up to TiVo and Yahoo to work it out. Being a TiVo customer I would say you should contact TiVo, but they're probably already aware of the problem since it's been a number of days.
my yahoo! apps haven't been working for over a week now. glad to see i'm not the only one. wish they'd fix it tho. i'm tired of walking 20 feet to the office to check the weather in the morning :)
They seemed to be working last night when I tried them.
Yeah I noticed last night that they were all working again except for the Yahoo Weather. But when I checked a few hours later that one was working too.
i still have this problem with Photos and Weather. Anyone get this fixed yet?
Both are working fine for me. They have ever since I first got them earlier this week.
Just got them today and they're not working.
Live 365 and podcast work.

Do I need a Yahoo account to use them?

Doesn't explain Fandango if that's the case.
I'm trying a restart.
tonyf3 said:
Do I need a Yahoo account to use them?
Yes, but even though I have an account, I've gotten the "Network Not Available" message when trying to access them today.
Ok, did the Yahoo ID sign up thing. But wait...here's where it get interesting. My son's series 2 40hr. gets into Yahoo! and Fandango no problem on the same network.
My new 80hr.(replaced dead 60hr by TiVo) gets the url error. Live 365, podcasts etc. all work. I'm at a loss.

the only difference I can tell is that the 40hr is a 540 unit
the 80hr is 240. The 80hr also has ridiculously slow transfer times when pulling from the 40 hr TiVo but not the other way around.
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