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Problem with remote (not battery)

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I have a Hughes SD 40 unhacked and out of the blue the remote stops working part of the time. Some buttons work sometimes and other not. It's not the remote because I have another Tivo remote and that one has the same problems with this unit. I also checked the battery on both and all of that. The buttons on the front of the Hughes still work. I rebooted the system, connected to Tivo and it's still the same. The only buttons that work all the time are the volume, but that's the programed buttons. Any ideas what could cause this?
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It is probably IR interference. This can come from any remote with a stuck button. It does not have to be a TiVo remote. The remote could be stuck in a cusion and a button could be held down.
BINGO! Remote on top of entertainment center. You learn something new every day.

Thank you!!
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