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Anybody have trouble with the IR plug/port not working on a Series 1? I have 3 Series 1 machines. One (the oldest one) is using an IR Blaster to control the cablebox. The other two (newer ones) have been using internal tuners since I got them. Recently, I got another cable box from the cable company and am trying to get on of the newer two machines to control this 2nd cable box, but I'm having some trouble. When I hook the IR blaster up to either of them, I can't get any signal. I've swapped the IR blaster out on the oldest tivo that has controlled the cable box successfully for years and validated that the IR Blaster cable itself is working just fine. No matter what I do, I can't get the IR Blaster to work with either of my 2 "newer" tivos. If I set the tivo on top of the cable box (without having any IR Blaster cable plugged in), I get can get the IR emitter on the front of the newer Tivos to change the channel on the cable box but the 1st number gets dropped (I have a GI-2244 that is a known problem). The solution to my dropped digit problem is to build a tent, but if I can't get the IR blaster to work when hooked up to the IR port in the back, then having a tent doesn't do me any good. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm desparate.

The only thing different about the 2 "newer" ones are that they are both Lifetime subscription Series 1 units that I got of ebay.

Oh, and if you look at the system information screen on both, it says the Cable, IR as the inputs.

thanks in advance!
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