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I know this thread is old but every so often we're getting error V53 this channel cannot be played. Not sure of the exact channels and it's every so often but we called Spectrum and they came out checked our cables and rewired tuning adapter the correct way it shows on Tivo's website a guy once before had changed things around. We also got an upgraded modem not the best but ours wasn't made anymore. But not too long after Spectrum did all this it started coming back. I think my husband said when we haven't watched TV for a while and when he turns it back on that is when he sees it. Just Curious if Spectrum needs to come back out if it's our tuning adapter or what? Someone said do this on another thread. Just thought I would ask here before I called Spectrum back we have a Tivo Bolt by the way.

This is how I get rid of the v53 error message.

1) leave channel with the error selected
2) go to settings and messages
3) select settings
4) now select - Channels
5) select Signal Strength - Cable
6) follow the prompt to display Signal Strength Meter
7) press OK,access this setting

You will get the signal meter and a tone, leave it on until you see the tv picture then exit out using the clear button ( button on the lowest left side )

This has worked for me ever time I get the error message.
It seems the cable card will lose the channel due to a weak signal and this will make the card recognize the channel again.
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