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Our Charter technician explained to me that they occasionally adjust the amplifiers (typically based on complaints by other users) in the neighborhood (wire resistance changing due to ambient temperature changes). If the signal is too strong or too weak your tuner will have issues (I think I remember reading that the Bolts are less robust to signal strength changes).

For us, we are the last house on the neighborhood wire and hence we tend to fall at the one end of the neighborhood signal spectrum. If you have a weak signal, then the neighborhood amplifier could be adjusted upward, but that may then cause another user closer to the amplifier to have too strong of a signal (and vice versa).

Our solution, was to have Spectrum install large diameter cable (lower resistance) from the distribution point across the street into our home and reduce the signal loss on that length of cable. That gained us enough signal to stop falling outside the acceptable range.

mdavej's suggestion of adjusting your signal strength by temporarily removing a splitter or adding a splitter is a good idea to troubleshoot if it is a signal strength issue.

I would also consider getting an extra cable card and an extra tuning adapter and swap those in (and go through the pairing process with tech support).
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