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Problem with Motherboard

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I have a Hughes HDVR2 that seems to have died. It will not power up at all.

I opened the box and I can hear a constant low clicking sound that seems to be coming from the motherboard when I put the power cord in. When I unplugged the power supply from the motherboard the sound stopped. I think that it is a problem with the motherboard because I swapped the power supply from another unit, with the same power supply, and it does the same clicking. I know its not a problem with the hard drive because the same thing happens whether the hard drive is plugged in or not.

I called Directv and deactivated the Hughes and activated my backup Phillips DSR708. The Phillips is working fine. I then took the hacked drive from the Hughes and put it into the Phillips. I can watch live TV but it won't let me watch any recorded show or record any new shows. I gives me this error #51.

My Hughes HDVR2 is hacked so I want to know how to keep the current drive and all its contents and just move it to my Phillips DSR708, which I bought a while ago as a backup when one of my two Directivos should ever die.

Can anyone tell me how I can keep the shows and settings on my hacked drive. There are a lot a shows that I do not want to lose. Is it possible to transfer them to another drive or make the drive work with the Phillips. The Phillips DSR708 has an 80GB drive in it and the drive from the Hughes is a 160GB.

My other hacked unit is a Phillips DSR7000. I upgraded the capacity on both my hacked units and they were both networked.

If I hack the 80GB drive that came in the Phillips, startup the unit with the hacked drive, then swapped it with my 160GB from the Hughes, will it work then?

Please help.
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You need to head on over to the TiVo Underground forum.
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