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Recently I tried a CableCARD on my TV. It didn't work how I wanted it to, y'know, being able to have the TV off and still record (since theoretically it was getting something in directly from the cable coax line), so I removed the card, took it back and went about my business.

Now I get an error on my Tivo saying "Press any key to watch TV". If I press a key, fine, I can watch TV on my Tivo. If I leave it alone for a few days, the thing comes back up, and Tivo records that error instead of whatever programming I wanted. It's been like this about a week now, and really got irritating Thursday night when I missed about 3 hours worth of recordings. I thought it was because I was out of recording hours, but that isn't the case. I have roughly 20 hours to spare.

Anyone have any ideas?
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