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Problem - record from Tivo to VCR

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I have an issue recording from the Tivo to VCR. I'm using an HD DirecTV receiver connected to my Series 2 Tivo to my VCR and then to the TV (it's a very old TV in the bedroom and only has a coax input). Everything is connected via coax. Both the receiver and the Tivo are set to channel 4 as I don't get video/audio on channel 3. This is the source of my problem. My VCR will only record on channel 3.

Any suggestions?
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I'm not sure if I understand the question but you could set the TiVo to output on 3 instead of 4. But I've never heard of a VCR that would only record on one channel. Fix it? Get a new one? You lost the remote? Maybe I don't understand you.
What's a VCR? lol Sorry I just had to say that!!
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