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Prison Break "Good Fences" OAD: 10-8-07 *spoilers*

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What's in the box?
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Did anyone guess that it actually was Sara's head in last week's thread? Of course, maybe it's not Sara's head. Linc opened the box, looked at it, then recoiled in horror and presumably walked away. It could have been a very good fake. A latex head, fake blood, etc. Maybe they got the Mythbusters to make it. This way, in the 10th season when Sarah Wayne Callies child has grown up and she is able to return to the roll, Sara will rejoin the cast.

Who let Ms. McFuntime Buzzkill into the party? First, she cuts off Sara's head ("I'm just a soldier, Linc, one who likes cutting off people's heads. What?"), then she shoots the gravedigger because he wanted more money. Sheesh.

I think that maybe she is working with or for Whistler and their is no company. Why else would she send the book back to him?
scottykempf said:
Did anyone guess that it actually was Sara's head in last week's thread?
I did! In post #2 even :)

Zordude said:
My first guess was that it is Sarah's head in the box, and Linc doesn't tell Michael, to keep his mind focused and his "eyes on the prize" as it were.

I pretty much assumed that it was Sarah's head in the box, given that it was already known that the actress wasn't going to be back and some of the articles about that occurence basically said something along the lines of 'you won't believe how they deal with her non-return.'

Killing her off gives more motivation to Michael later and adds drama now in having Linc have to keep the secret from Michael. It's a cheap plot trick for the writers and given the writing on the show up to this point, you had to figure that the cheapest trick would be the one that would be used.
Completely unlrelated spoilers from Se7en:
Just in case someone hasn't seen Se7en before...

Ugh... Brad Pitt saw that coming from 1995... At first, I was thinking it'd be really cliche to put her head in the box, but then started thinking that Se7en was really the only place I remember that from... I guess they did that reveal so well, they kind of ruined it for everyone else.
Hope for Bellick's sake that wasn't McDonald's coffee.
The guards have basically abandoned the prison yet they still get mail? I don't know why with all the other far fetched things going on but that one just really bothered me.
I figured this is the shocker of this season. I think Sarah really is dead, I mean look at what they did with Veronica at the beginning of season 2.
Step one...cut a hole in the box.

Step two...put Sara's head in the box...
I guess she wasn't as headstrong as we thought.
She'll never be the head of a major corporation.
why would the head honcho trust a newbie with a fake hand to run his empire vs a trusted old timer?
When I first saw the box, I thought of
, and I thought "There's no way it's someone's head in there... but it's awfully big for just a hand..."

Poor Sara, she deserved better.
I at first thought of her head, but then said to myself, that would be too cliche'. Guess not.

Still enjoying the show. Hell, is anything in this season more outragous than anything we have seen from the previous seasons? This is Prison Break!!! It is supposed to be far fetched but fun.
I realize that Sara had to die, but I could probably think of a few dozen better ways to do it. That sucked! :(
hefe - you're killing me here.

This show is teetering on the edge of SP cancellation for me. It's just getting so.... tiresome.
Every episode, I am reluctant to watch the show then as I am watching it I really enjoy it. :)
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