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What DirecTV needs to do is have several more tiers of programming than they have now. The premium tiers don't count as far as I'm concerned. They have started a Family Friendly tier which isn't quite right since they removed the news channels. I guess news isn't family friendly (partially true). I don't include the foreign language ones in this discussion either.

Right now you have Total Choice with x number of channels, which are most of them. Add Plus and you get ~14 more. That's it, unless you add in the sports pack. What I'm saying is that Total Choice needs to be broken into at least two pieces. For example, if the Family Friendly pack can not have news, and sports can be separate, then make a separate news pack.

There are many ways that DirecTV could set this up to help DirecTV keep subscribers rather than have them switch to cable.

Once the price increase takes place and I know exactly what the rates are, I'll be making some adjustments. Cable isn't an option at the moment for me, DirecTV is still a better option from a programming standpoint.
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