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Previously worked, Now Did Not Record

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I had a two minute clip that I liked to play frequently. After the last Tivo update, TIVO states that no signal was present when the program was recorded and will not play the clip. This clip had played on both of my TIVOs, and they both now have the same problem. I suspect something in the latest update checks the length of the record or someother criteria and will no longer allow this to play. The clip is from a commercial so I doubt there is any copy protection problem. Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there a fix for it?
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This problem has been reported by several others and is caused by the 9.1 upgrade. Only thing I can suggest is to save the clip and hope the next (hopefully soon) fix upgrade takes care of it.
I had this problem as well. Link

If you can stand being put on hold, I would suggest calling Customer Support and logging the problem. When I called they said they were unaware of the problem.

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