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press remote key once, sends multiple actions

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Hiya! I looked around and couldn't find an answer to my problem. I have two remotes and they both started acting wrong at the same time so it must be something wrong with my tivo and not my remotes.

Here is an example of my problem.

Let's say I press the fast forward button once, the tivo goes through all the levels of fastforward and finally stops after about 20 seconds.

I send one event with one push of the remote button and then the Tivo seems to blow chunks and do multiple events. Basically I'm not able to control my Tivo remote.

I tried restarting with no luck.

Anyone here of this happening before? Any know fixes out there?

Thanks so much for your help!

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sounds like IR interference, check other remotes in the room, for stuck button, or remote in cushion.
I'm experiencing the same problem with a brand-new TiVo HD.

One button press on the remote sometimes results in 3 or 4 of the same action on the TiVo. Less frequently, one button press on the remote results in no action on the TiVo.

The light on the remote blinks only once, as expected, but the "receive" light on the TiVo stays solid for the duration of the 3 or 4 actions.

I've opened the glass door to my entertainment center and closed my curtains in case it was some sort of reflection, but it made no difference. None of the other components in my EC have this problem, even when controlled by the TiVo remote.

Anyone else seeing this?
I'm getting the same behavior. I've restarted the Tivo, changed batteries in the remote, etc., but I'm still getting the same behavior. Hopefully someone else will come up with an answer.


Try using the remote right up close to the TiVo to see if you have the same problem. If not, then your body is blocking whatever IR interference there is in the room. As Edmund suggested, look for another remote or even compact fluorescent lighting.
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