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When my wife turned the TV on this morning, there was a TiVo screen up that said "Preparing the service update. This may take up to an hour, possibly longer."

Well, that was 9 hours ago and she just called me to say that the screen was still up. (Also the record light has been on all day. When she first noticed the screen this morning, she thought it was just recording one of our son's programs.)

I couldn't find anything on TiVo's site or in these forums about this specific issue, so I just instructed my wife on how to restart the TiVo- and it appears that the update succeeded. (There was a message to that effect in the inbox, and the software version is 7.whatever.)

Anyone else encounter this issue? Just curious I guess, now that it seems the device is okay.

P.S. I had her test our wireless network connection after the restart and that still works, too. Yipee!
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