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I have a Premiere with an Expander which is showing symptoms of hard drive(s) dying (freezing and stuttering video). Questions:

1) Should I bother with trying to run a Kickstart 57 to see if it will repair itself?

2) Can someone point me to the best current procedure for replacing the two existing drives with one expanded drive and saving existing shows? The Ross Walker guide says:

"If you are planning to upgrade a TiVo Bolt, Roamio, Premiere, HD or Series 3 that currently has an external drive connected then you will need to remove this drive before attempting the upgrade. This will result in you loosing the shows on your TiVo so I would suggest using TiVo Desktop to copy shows you want to keep onto your computer before starting. You can always copy them back once you complete the upgrade. You should then power down your TiVo, disconnect the external drive and power it up again. It will complain about the external drive not being connected. Let TiVo rebuild itself to be a single drive TiVo again. Then perform the drive upgrade as detailed below. Unfortunately at present it is not possible to connect an external drive to an expanded TiVo."

Is the above still true? Is there any newer/better way to do this?


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That is correct.... Expander drives add more points for failure and they tend to fail in about 5-7 years. They are also no longer made. If you want to save your shows, you need to transfer them to a computer using Tivo Desktop (no longer supported), Pytivo, KMTTG. These expanders also have a max size of 1TB..... You can upgrade the internal up to 8TB with MFSTools 3.3.
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