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I was given a Premiere with Lifetime Service, and it seemed to be fully functional. I wanted to connect it one more time and take screen shots before calling TiVo to get it transferred to my account, and it would not power up. No lights, no fan movement, but one time a very faint snap or zap sound. This seemed to me to be likely to indicate a power supply problem, so (disconnected from power) I opened it up. I did not see any likely problem with the cord or the socket, the fuse checked out OK, and no bulged capacitors or apparent burned components. Checking with a (cheap) multimeter, I observed 1 ohm of resistance from each power cord plug to solder on the underside of the power supply, near the socket; that seemed reasonable to me.

But then when I went to wiggle the power cord loose from the socket on the power supply, the socket fell off - not actually soldered in on either side, although that hadn't been apparent to me on a cursory examination. There was solder around each pin, just not actually in good mechanical contact with them. The socket has keying into the power supply circuit board, but the solder connections are all that actually keeps it attached. I resoldered those pins, and with my good (calibrated) multimeter got 0.3 ohms from power cord plug pins to solder on the underside of the power supply. After reassembly, it now powers up normally, and it appears to be fully functional. Then I got TiVo to transfer it to my account.

I also have a Premiere XL, and the next time I have it open I will check its solder there. Also, I think it is prudent to minimize disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord on Premiere units (and perhaps Series 3 units) with 120V cords, to minimize strain on a not-very-robust connector. When I need to disconnect or power-cycle them, I will try to do it at the NEMA 1-15 end, rather than at the TiVo.
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