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Premiere is 15 seconds fast

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I got a Premiere in November and it consistently runs 15 seconds too fast (compared the on-screen time display to an atomic clock), so it cuts off the last bit of each program. I contacted TiVo and they suggested rerunning guided setup using a different zip code, but that didn't fix the problem, still the same 15 seconds fast. Is this a problem with my unit or with Comcast? (I'm not clear if the unit gets the time from Comcast or TiVo). Thanks!
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It gets its time from TiVo when it makes the daily call.
I have noticed the same thing. If TiVo gets a time update every day why is it always off? Never did check time VS atomic clock.
I never trust TiVo's time or the network's time. As long as I don't have a recording conflict, everything gets a beginning and ending pad of at least 1 minute.
Thanks for the replies. I told TiVo their suggestions didn't work and they suggested i call tech support, which I will do sometime, though I don't have much hope of a fix. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to go through and add a minute to the season passes and make sure the priorities are right. A bit of a pain, but compared to the problems others are having, I guess I should consider myself lucky if that's the worst of it.
Yep, it's tivo. Have to add a min. to everything except movies.
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