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Premiere for $6.95 / mo?

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I currently have a S2 on lifetime and a DTS2 on MSD for $6.95/mo. Is it possible to buy a new Premeire and transfer the $6.95 MSD to the Premiere? I did it when I went from a different S2 to the DT, but I'm not sure if it is possible with a Premiere. Thanks.
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No, the Premiere is only sold at a loss and only available for specific plans excluding the grandfathered $6.95/month plan. The MSD offered to me on a Premiere when I just checked this morning was $14.95/month.
If I buy a used/eBay'd Premiere can I transfer the $6.95/mo to the Premiere?
If I buy a used/eBay'd Premiere can I transfer the $6.95/mo to the Premiere?
Not at this time, TiVo is still trying to recoup the loss on the original sale of that Premiere. Maybe in years, there will be a crazy MSD on the Premiere but not now. Solid Signal has a deal, buy a Premiere for $99 and if used for OTA, not cable, get service for $9.95.
You may get a better offer if you call to cancel the DTS2. TiVo have some "retention specials" that they offer people during the cancellation process. I recently called to cancel an S2 that I just didn't need any more now I have 2 HD's and a Premier and I believe one of the offers was $200 ish to replace the existing box with a Premier at the same rate. YMMV

Personally I'm waiting, hoping the Premier Elite gets approved.
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