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My Premiere TCD746320 died, mostly likely from overheating. It experienced multiple kinds of reboots and startup hangups over several weeks then ultimately fell into a consistent failure mode indicative of a bad hard drive. When I picked it up, all the feet crumbled and the case was hot. Possibly, the airflow through the bottom was impeded, since it sat on a cardboard box that collapsed a little over time. I corrected that with a stiffer support and new taller feet. And I replaced the hard drive.

When I got it all going again, I noticed that the fan was not turning, something I had not previously checked. Finger spinning the fan did not help. When I measured the voltage on the board on the fan pins, it was about 5.2V, not 12V. When I plugged the fan back in, it spun. So I put it all back together, buttoned it up, and am now recording shows. After 2 hours, the MTB is 36.

Has anyone else actually measured the fan voltage on their board?

Should the fan always be on or does it have a controller with multiple modes such as off/low speed/high speed? If there is no fan control, I suppose I will splice a new fan (since mine probably has an intermittent bearing issue) into one of the 12V wires.

Does anyone wish to comment or advise?
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