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Every time TiVo sends a software update our Premiere hangs during the installation on the "External storage missing" screen. I wind up having to power cycle both the drive and the TiVo. And then it installs the update and then when rebooting from that does it AGAIN. After power cycling everything again, it boots up normally.

My external drive is a supported one. In fact, I bought it *from* TiVo.

Surely I can't be the only one.

What's the deal?
It could be a sign that one of your drives is failing. You could hook the drives up to your computer and run the manufacturers diagnostic utility.

There is a JMFS utility that I used to copy the contents of my original premiere 320G drive to a 3T drive using a computer.

If your drives are old, you might wan't to move to a new larger internal drive and abandon the external drive, before they fail completely.
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