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Premier XL Won't Transfer Shows From Roamio

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Up until about 2 months ago, I was able to use TiVo online to transfer shows between my Roamio Pro and Premier XL. Now, I can see both TiVos on my network switch, can see both at online.tivo.com. When trying to transfer shows (from online.tivo.com) it seems like it never accepts the transfer. When I do get it to show in the To Do list and finally transfer, it seems to delete if I reboot my Premier XL.

I did a litte more digging. My Roamio can see my Premier XL. When I go to my Premier XL (no cable card and has not had one in years), since it has no shows recorded on the new drive, it won't show a list to include the Roamio.

Anybody seen anything like that or heard of a software update causing weird behavior like this?
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Well, I think I figured it out. I have 2 switches which are bridged together just fine. I had Roamio in 1 and XL in another so they seemed to be blocked from communication to each other. Put them on the same switch and all is happy. I'll have to dig into my switch settings to figure out what the issue truly is, but I am back up and running now.
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