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Premier won't let me access settings, system info, previously recorded shows

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I just moved my TiVo premier via car from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area. I do not have cable set up at the new location yet (Thursday AM install), but I wanted to access some of my recorded content on my TiVo, which has an external drive attached.

When I first powered it on, I got a blank screen after the "powering up" message. This appears to be from a faulty hdmi cable- replacing the cable fixed the issue (I suspect the initial screen is using different pins- analog? Vs those used for the later signals).

Then, when I got into the TiVo, it says no internet connection- sounds right.

However, my shows has no shows in it. Thinking that perhaps the expanded wasn't recognized and it did not warn for some reason, I unplugged the expanded and rebooted. This caused the TiVo to warn as it should. Rebooted again with expanded- TiVo comes up, but again, no shows.

So I started poking around- no ability to find shows, going to to-do list, season pass manager, recording history or record by time or channel immediately bounces you out to TiVo Central->my shows.

Same for everything in Settings and Messages, e.g. Settings, messages, standby, help, account and system info....

But the weirdest thing is that it is trying to record shows on channels- so it has a to-do list! Hitting live tv shows that it is trying and has no signal...

So- any ideas? I should have Internet and cable cards this thursday, and am Hoping this will resolve the issue.

Thanks for any help!
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Without broadband internet, you need to switch from the HDui to the SDUI in order to get the Tivo to work correctly.

Check the manual, search here, or wait for someone here to post how, if you need directions on how to switch.

Good luck.
Press :down::up: pause pause.
Thanks everyone! This resolved my concerns, and now that I have Internet and cable service, the Tivo is acting as expected.

Thanks again!
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