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Premier problem or not?

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I know the ultimate response is to contact Tivo directly, and I'm sure I will. But I wanted some consensus of some things to try or do first.

My new Premier XL records shows and when I play them back, sections are so pixelated, frames freeze, slow jerky playback making viewing the show not possible. Usially happens for several minutes of show then plays normal.

I want to know when I should be concerned about a warranty replacement. I know digital signals produce pixelation, but I have not seem this type of display while watching live tv (which I rarely do anyway so I dont really know). Is there a way to test hard drive to see if it is a bad drive, has bad spots.

I know Tivo will have to handle this, but just wanted heads up.
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That sounds more like a cable signal problem than anything else. I had similar rotten signals till comcast came out and decided that squirrels had been chewing on the drop to the house and replaced the cable. You might want to first check and see that all your cable connections are tight. Unscrew them, and screw them back in, sometimes I notice loose connections cause the same problem.
I at least have buried cable. I only find this happening after the show is recorded and I am trying to watch it. I was immediately thinking the hard drive is recording on bad sectors that have developed (new unit in February). Hard drives go bad, even new ones.

I could only check signal strength in real time. I have looked at that ability when the unit was new, but dont monitor it a lot. Maybe I need to to get an idea of signal strength averages. Then it records a show later and who knows what the signal strength is at that time. I also am not watching live TV so I dont know if this happens then too. About 99% of my viewing is watching previously recorded shows. I hate watching live tv.
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