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We're seriously thinking of buying a Tivo, but have several questions. Can you help a rookie out?

1) If we buy a Series 2 and use its wireless ability to copy recordings to a PC, is there really any need to buy anything larger than a 40hr Tivo?

2) The $150 rebate's still being offered, but the 40hr Tivo machines are shown as no longer available. Will the rebate be extended or should we try to get on some type of waiting list for the 40hr version?

3) Suppose I have a one-hour program on Tivo and want to move it to my PC to burn a DVD -- how long would that transfer from the Tivo to the PC take? (Is there some rule of thumb for guestimating the time?) Note: Assume the PC isn't doing anything else like handling a major download.

4) I often see posts (here, eBay, and elsewhere) citing specific model numbers. Are there some 40hr versions which are more desirable that I should look for or others which are perceived as more error prone and which I should avoid?

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