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Get a 40 hr TiVo at compusa or best buy for $20 after rebate and upgrade that puppy.

Here's an example of what you can do:
TiVo hardware: $20
2 200GB hard drives (on sale at compusa): $100
Instantcake: $20
Weaknees upgrade bracket package: $33

Now, granted you're floating a good amount of rebate money here, but you can essentially get a ginormous TiVo for under $200. Really, if you wait for the right hard drive deal, you can do even better than that, too. Also, notice that this is only one option. You don't HAVE to use the Instantcake software -- there's free software available. Personally, it was worth the $20 to me my second time around to get Instantcake and save some time. There's also other hardware out there, too.

Long story short: get the 40 hour TiVo -- the hardware is the same & that's all you really need.
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