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power on

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I have a 810hs pioneer and all it says is power on. Rebooted because we put a dvd in the dvd drive. Any help would be helpful. Do I need to put a new harddrive in?Thanks,poolboy I can get the disk out if I have to
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There were some Sony DVDs that would lock up the Pioneers and other DVD TiVos. Casino Royale was one.

Is the DVD still in the drive? If it is, the TiVo might not be able to boot, because it's trying to boot from the DVD and gets stuck in a reboot loop.

You can eject the tray manually with a straightened out paper clip. Run the paper clip under the light bar that is below the DVD tray from the left side. You should find a hole about an inch or so from the left side of the light bar. Gently push in the paper clip until the tray ejects. Then pull the tray open and remove the DVD. Your TiVo should then be able to boot properly.

There is also a kickstart code to eject the tray. I think you hold down the pause button while the TiVo is trying to boot, the press 111 and the tray will eject. I've never tried this, so I don't know if it will work or not.

Good luck,
thank you Robomeister I got the dvd out but just from holding down the eject button on the front of it! Rebooted and everything is good! Good chance to clean everything out also!Dust bunnys
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