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I have a UPS for one of my Directivo's and I want to equip the other two, but I always wonder what is the minimum I should look for. Am I really just looking for power smoothing? I don't really care if the box goes out in the event of a failure; I know it'll come back on.

Can someone knowledgeable provide us with a set of minimum specs we should look for in a box to protect our Tivo's innards?


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Any UPS you can buy will work. I recommend 350VA as a minimum rating, but it's pretty hard to find anything smaller nowadays.

DirecTiVos draw about 40-45 watts. a 350VA UPS can power them for at least half an hour.

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This is an interesting thread.

Even with a UPS I was having difficulty with missing recordings due to power glitches. I finally recopgnized the pattern every two weeks on a Monday I would lose my cable input to the Tivo.

It turns out that my cleaning lady was unplugging items from my ups for the vacuum cleaner. I add a simple note over the plugs, the issue has been resolved.

A new HDD may not be a bad thisng to get for your system, especially with the lifetime service subscription.

I may be replacing my current drive, I've noticed that it will pause every once in a while.
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