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Possible guide data problem?

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Season Pass to automatically record a program and I select the
'Record 1st run only' option so that I don't get reruns or multiple
recordings of the same show.

For example, this works perfectly for programs like 'People's
Court' or 'Dirty Jobs'.

However, when
I choose to record 'Inside Nextel Cup' on the Speed Channel
#607 something unexpected happens. It records the 5:00pm
showing as expected. Unfortunately the 9:00pm and 2:00am
presentations of the same show are also recorded!
I tried this using a Season Pass or Wish List. Same outcome.

Think this is a guide data fault?

-Jack HDVR2, zippered 160GB
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Repeats are not always labled as such, and tivo always errs on the side of caution.
I phoned DTV to inform them of the guide data problem.
And asked them to inform their vendor that the guide
data has the wrong tags for this program.

CSR told me that it was the HDVR2's fault. The TiVo
software needed an update. I should trade it in for
a DTV DVR. I mentioned the recent 6.3e s/w release
which baffled the CSR. On hold and then transfered
to the supervisor (Brian in TX), who hung up on me.

Another CSR told me I needed to do a 'Clear & Delete
Everything'. On hold forever, then I hung up on DTV.

Called a third time. CSR listened. Confirmed. There
is a guide data problem and DTV will let the guide
data vendor know about it.
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This isn't a new issue. Guide data tends to be good with network programming and the more popular cable channels. The guide data, particularly first run/original air date, isn't always accurate with the less popular channels. Tivo, correctly, errs on the side of recording something.

The "solution" to look at your "to do" list and edit as necessary.
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