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hrbngr said:

I just started having picture problems on my HR10-250 via HDMI the other day which go away when I switch to the S-video output. So, I can either settle on the component output or go ahead and get the card repaired/replaced via CCS corp for the $100 fee, right? My other question is wondering if it is a good time to go ahead and upgrade the harddrive and to enquire if there are any recommendations on which hd vendor/size is recommended?

finally, do i need to prep the new HD for use in the HD tivo via the ?cake? sw, or can I somehow force the box to do the work itself?

If I am having problems now, I would really like to rectify them before the new fall season shows start up.

Well you could send the card out for repair, but I would first check around your local Craigslist or Ebay for a used unit, you may be able to find another unit for not too much more than your repair and that way you will have 2 units and you could set up HMO with Movie loader to share vids with. Be sure if you do get a used unit to check the reciever ID # checked with D* to be sure its clear for activation. As far as the HD goes, I like WD drives myself, but you could almost go with any type of drive, a bunch of folks tout th DB35 drives but I believe they are overpriced and overhyped. Plus if you go with a WD or Hitachi drive you could enable the acoustic management allowing you to make the drive quieter. As for instant cake or an image you could just use the image from the drive you have now, no need to purchase any other things. PM me for more info
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