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I have a used good HDMI card, if you're interested PM me. $50 + shipping.
hrbngr said:

I just started having picture problems on my HR10-250 via HDMI the other day which go away when I switch to the S-video output. So, I can either settle on the component output or go ahead and get the card repaired/replaced via CCS corp for the $100 fee, right? My other question is wondering if it is a good time to go ahead and upgrade the harddrive and to enquire if there are any recommendations on which hd vendor/size is recommended?

finally, do i need to prep the new HD for use in the HD tivo via the ?cake? sw, or can I somehow force the box to do the work itself?

If I am having problems now, I would really like to rectify them before the new fall season shows start up.

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