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I had a series 2 with a directv sat. receiver. It got struck by lightning. and wipe out Sat. Receiver. They gave me a R15 DVR Receiver with a 2 year lease. the R15 user interface software is horrible, and 2 years is coming up.

When I left Tivo, I read in the paper that they were changing up things and people in the Forums said "it is no longer TV your way". Something about people fast forwarding thru commercials and Tivo is going to figure out a way where you see ads while you are fast forwarding. I don't know about any other measures.

Did this happen? Please get me up to speed. I might return to TIVO, I love their interface.

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Please review the other forums here for info about other standalone TiVo models. Maybe the series 2 dual tuner or even the series 3 HD would be to your liking.

Your stated concerns have been addressed in those forums.

Also, DirecTV TiVos can still be found online.

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The paper was wrong, it's still TV your way.

If you have any specific concerns, I'd be happy to help.

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mick66 said:
TiVo tried the FF ad thing, but they couldn't get it to work right. It kind of just disappeared.
it works just fine now - there was one failed instance during a trial run in the wild. Anyway the paper was quoting about 20 people in the forum that seemed to hate just about any ad, anyplace. they turned out to be full of hot air.

I have seen 6 or 8 of the billboard ads while fast forwarding commercials. Most were to let you set up a season pass for a new show that was being promod. I set up a season pass for 'House" from one and forget the other show I set that way. If you go with a standalone you may occasionally see a billboard ad on the screen that comes up at the end of watching a recorded show that asks if you want to keep the recording or delete it. Again no big deal. Those were mostly for cars and the like.

DirecTV does not participate in the ads so if you get a Directivo from eBay or wherever you will not see these. So come on back, whether you go cable or directTV you will still find the wonderful TiVo interface and find the ads do not change how you interact with the TiVo at all. it is still very much TV your way.
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