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My Problem: I just got a new TV (type noted below) to replace a 32 inch CRT TV that needed to be repaired. I paid 900 dollars for the new TV and I’m not happy with my picture quality at all. I’ve already talked to Direct TV and they weren’t any help at all. They suggested the obvious things like checking cables or messing with the TV settings. I seem to have all the settings on the TV set correctly and I know the cables are correctly connected.

So I thought I would list my setup and see if anyone had any comments/suggestions that might help. The picture is usually pretty good, but does have fuzzy spots that jump around the screen and can be noticed from time to time. For 900 dollars I want to be happy with my picture I’m getting. Is that so crazy?

Here is my equipment:

DirectTV receiver (RCA – Model# DRD485RG) – about 3.5 years old
Standalone TIVO Series 2 – 3 months old
30” Samsung SlimFit widescreen HDTV (TX-R3079WH) – 1 week old

Here is my setup:

Coax cable brings signal from satellite to junction box where it is split into two signals (living & bedroom).
Coax cable takes the signal from the junction box to the receiver above.
The receiver is connected to the TIVO via a S-video cable and RCA audio cables.
The TIVO is connected to the TV via a S-video cable and RCA audio cables.

I’m no expert, but as I understand it S-video is the best connection I can get without going to component cables, but neither my TIVO nor my Receiver have these. Last night I tried all different connections including the following:

All Coax
All RCA video
Mixtures of two of the above.

I have to say keeping it all S-video all the way looks the best, but I’m still not satisfied. Short of getting HD and replacing my TIVO and receiver…what can I do????
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