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I think that your new HD TV is just making it painfully obvious how crappy the compressed signal is in the TiVo. I also have a Series 2 and a big screen HD TV. I was already disappointed with the noticeable degradation in the signal coming out of the TiVo even on a standard TV (at all times, while watching live TV, so recording quality is not a factor in this discussion), but it was something I could tolerate. But it was a real shock to get an HD TV; feeding a TiVo signal into a big screen HD TV is like a hard slap in the face! All of the graininess in the TiVo signal is constantly obvious. If you think the picture is bad on a 30" HD, don't ever try looking at it on something over 50"!! The signal inputs from my DVD recorder, cable box, and coax are all fantastic, but the only way to describe the TiVo output is just plain bad.
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