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Where do you stand with Tivo?

  • I still use it actively as my primary DVR

    Votes: 172 71.4%
  • I still have a Tivo recording shows but it’s not my primary DVR

    Votes: 27 11.2%
  • I still have a Tivo but it’s gathering dust

    Votes: 21 8.7%
  • I have moved onto another hardware DVR solution like Channels DVR or equivalent

    Votes: 22 9.1%
  • I have moved on to a cloud DVR service like YouTube TV / Hulu Live

    Votes: 26 10.8%
  • I am full streaming using Apple TV / Roku or equivalent

    Votes: 23 9.5%
  • Something else - leave a comment to explain

    Votes: 8 3.3%
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There have been a number of threads lately from those who will Still use Tivo untill it dies or those ran fast as soon as they saw another option.

So how about a poll to see where stand in this community .
I am using YouTubeTV for cable channels and a Romio Basic in OTA mode for local channels, though I also record them on YouTubeTV. I prefer watching them on the TiVo, since I can use Quick Mode and Autoskip. I have a cable only Roamio which is retired.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts