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Where do you stand with Tivo?

  • I still use it actively as my primary DVR

    Votes: 172 71.4%
  • I still have a Tivo recording shows but it’s not my primary DVR

    Votes: 27 11.2%
  • I still have a Tivo but it’s gathering dust

    Votes: 21 8.7%
  • I have moved onto another hardware DVR solution like Channels DVR or equivalent

    Votes: 22 9.1%
  • I have moved on to a cloud DVR service like YouTube TV / Hulu Live

    Votes: 26 10.8%
  • I am full streaming using Apple TV / Roku or equivalent

    Votes: 23 9.5%
  • Something else - leave a comment to explain

    Votes: 8 3.3%
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We are just this week making the change to YouTube TV and moving off of TiVo. Our verizon cable cost was just no longer making sense after another price hike. We have gigabit ethernet, so the quality is very close to linear channels, and with the YT cloud dvr, you can record your regular programs and skip through commercials. The downside (but this is true for cable VOD as well) is watching programs you didn't record will cause you to have to sit through commercials. We've been loyal TIvo customers since it was released, but it just doesn't make cost sense when most of what we watch is available to stream. After doing a fair amount of research, the move to YouTube TV seemed to make the most sense for live news shows and other programming not available with other streamers. And the savings in combine with moving our cell service to Verizon will save us about 2K a year.
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