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Where do you stand with Tivo?

  • I still use it actively as my primary DVR

    Votes: 172 71.4%
  • I still have a Tivo recording shows but it’s not my primary DVR

    Votes: 27 11.2%
  • I still have a Tivo but it’s gathering dust

    Votes: 21 8.7%
  • I have moved onto another hardware DVR solution like Channels DVR or equivalent

    Votes: 22 9.1%
  • I have moved on to a cloud DVR service like YouTube TV / Hulu Live

    Votes: 26 10.8%
  • I am full streaming using Apple TV / Roku or equivalent

    Votes: 23 9.5%
  • Something else - leave a comment to explain

    Votes: 8 3.3%
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TiVo is still way better than any streaming service I have tried. Especially when it comes to pause, play, skipping ahead 30 sec, skipping back 10 seconds.

We are "active tv watchers" meaning that we often pause to discuss what we are seeing, then rewind 10 sec & continue. The streaming services are terrible for that. So terrible that when we do what we do - it may exit the show instead of just pausing & rewinding. This has happened to us doing streaming via FireStick, TiVo, Roku, & AppleTV. Yes, we have those devices but for the reasons described we don't use them. TiVo wins. It's a much better experience.
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