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BReaking BAd prediction: Who will die by the end?

Poll: BReaking BAd: Who dies?

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What's your prediction?

Who's gonna die on Breaking Bad by the last of the episode 16 finale?

Multiple choices are allowed.
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I predict most everyone who means something to Walt will die, but Walt will be left alive. He started down this road to provide for his family, expecting his death to be imminent. If they all die due to his actions but he's left alive, that'd be a fate worse than death for him.
Mike is listed twice
Crap. I have Mike on the list twice. That's unintentional. Solly.

(Mods feex?)
Where's Gus? Oh yeah....two-faced SOB....
Since this is an atypical show (it's difficult to tell the heros from the anti-heros), I think it will have an atypical ending with most everyone dying except for WW Sr..

My second choice would be a full Hamlet, everyone dies at the end.
I left off baby girl(?) White.

I'm thinking that the show could take a George R.R. Martin turn where your favorites and innocents buy it and Walt toughens through the loss.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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