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PODCASTER Problem...

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I'm getting frustrated... :mad:

I can't get my own Podcast feed to work with TiVo.

The RSS feed validates perfectly. It works with iTunes just fine, and other standalone RSS aggregators have no problem with it, but TiVo does.

The TiVo appears to just crap out after downloading 10-20% of the MP3 file, and just sits there spinning with the "Loading..." logo going on forever.

Now here's the trick. The PODCAST MP3s are DYNAMICALLY generated with a CGI script. The URL looks something like this:


Each of the ITEMS in the RSS feed have an <enclosure> tag that looks like this:

<enclosure url="http://www.xxxxxx.com/cgi-bin/Listen?MMddYY.mp3?" length="[size]" type="audio/mpeg"/>

Yes, that looks a bit odd, but it works. The Webserver confirms that the script is being called properly and that the correct data is fed back to the client.

It seems to work just fine if the enclosures point to a real file, but the TiVo shouldn't be aware of where the file came from....

Anyway, those URLs aren't real. If you can help me, send me a PM and I'll send you the real URL.
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