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Plus not always synching to Itunes

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I just upgraded to T2G Plus yesterday and began importing TV shows and movies off my Series 2. I've been transfering to my laptop for some time but just did the upgrade to plus yesterday. Anyway, all tranasfered over and they all coverted to MP4 files; i.e can see the files using Explorer and play them in MP4 format on my PC. However, not all of them transfered into Itunes. For example, the first episode of Boston Legal did transfer but the second episode didn't. I've tried to manually import them using the Itunes "add file..." function. I've followed other suggestions I've read here and elsewhere of remaining the file and eliminating "-etc. None of these seem to work.

Going out of town on Wednesday and really would like to take all these TV shows for viewing on the plan. Any suggestions?
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What if you just drag them into iTunes? That's how I used to do it before TiVo Desktop 2.5 was released.
I've tried that both with the original mp4 file created by T2G Plus and the "renamed" mp4 file. Itunes didn't do anything in either case.
Strange. Are you using the iPod conversion profile in TiVo Desktop?
Yes, I'm using the Ipod conversion profile and as I noted, the majority converted and transfered just fine. I've checked those on the Ipod and they look great. The ones that converted but won't transfer will play on my laptop as both an mp4 and a tivo file but can't seem to get Itunes to pull them in. I've read posts on other forums about others having the same problem but haven't ever seen a specific solution.
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