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I have tivo Bolt with latest UI. From what I gather, Tivo is no longer supporting the plex App. At some point there was an upgrade done to the app that broke support for playing content from Remote plex shares over secure connections. When I try to play any video from the Remote share I get the following message: "There was a problem playing this item. The video did not start playing in time".

I've been in contact with the owner of the Remote share. We've been trying to troubleshoot it. However they are unable to share the ip address and port for me to connect directly (based off the way the server is setup). Also they will not turn off secure connections on the server.

What other options do I have to get plex to play off Remote share? I saw that it is still possible to downgrade the Tivo UI to get off Hydra but will that also downgrade the plex App? If there was a way to install a specific version of plex onto the Tivo that would be ideal.
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