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Here's my dilemma:

I have:
a Terk BMS-58 (5x8 multi-switch)
a Terk TV-44 OTA antenna
(2) DirecTV TiVos
(1) Samsung HD DirecTV receiver

I just bought the multiswitch so I could utilize both inputs on each of the TiVo units and also hook up my HD receiver.

I have ran 4 lines from the dish for the multiswitch. I have plugged in 3 of the lines to the SAT inputs. There is 1 SAT input and 1 ANT input left on the multiswitch.

I have the 3rd of the 4 lines designated for the HD run. At the dish, I have the 3rd line running to the Terk TV-44 antenna input (the input on the built in multiswitch on the antenna itself)...then the output running into the house.

Originally (before the new multiswitch) I had a direct line running from the dish and diplexed out to the HD rec. One input went in SAT IN. The other went in ANT IN. The HD antennae worked great.

But in order for my dual TiVo receivers to receive all channels, the Terk 5x8 multiswitch must have all 4 lines running into it from the dish. The problem is the Terk TV-44 OTA antenna. Like I said I have the SAT feed and the ANT feed running thru the Terk TV-44 built in multiswitch. (This is the line 3 of 4 I was talking about.)

My question is...what do I do with this line once I come inside to the 5x8 multiswitch? I had a guy who is an installer try and explain to me (he had a way of doing it with 4 diplexers), but I was lost!

I thought I could diplex the line before going into the multiswitch, thus having an input for the SAT IN and ANT in (the last 2 inputs on the 5x8 multiswitch). Then just run 2 lines out of the 8 outputs (1 to the SAT IN and 1 to the ANT IN on the HD receiver). Unfortunately, that didn't work.

If anyone can clue me in, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me. Thank you!

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The 5th input on the multiswitch is for an antenna - the multiswitch "diplexes" the signal for you, so why would you want to do it again? You do need diplexers at the receiver end to split out the antenna signal where you need it.
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