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Please Help! Analog TivoHD setup

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Here is what I have:

HD Antenna --> TIVOHD (Antenna input)
Analog Comcast Cable --> TIVOHD (Cable input)


All other TVs in the house work fine with the Analog Cable
If I go Cable --> TV without the Tivo I get all the Analog Channels

If I go Cable --> TivoHD (no Cable Cards) --> TV
During the setup process where it asks to verify a channel is correct I can see the Analog channel in the back ground. I have even told it to try a number of different channels and they all come in on the background as well.

BUT! when I finish setup and try to watch live tv I don't get any of the analog channels. I don't even get the analog channel which worked fine during setup. I DO get the OTA HD channels just fine.

Should I return the Tivo? Am I doing something wrong?
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Wow. That's a tough one.

During guided setup, did you specify Both Cable and Antenna?

If you go into the channel list, are the channels you are trying to tune listed?
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