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Question #1: He can use the HR20 on a non HD set. Shouldn't be any downsides to it that I am aware of.

Question #2: If he gets an HR20, it would include install of the new 5lnb dish. Would have 4 lines of coax off of the dish into the house and any DVR would get 2 of those.

Question #3: Only additional charges would be DVR for $5.99, if the DVR would be an additional receiver to the one he has now would be an additional $4.99 lease/mirror fee.

Question #4: Diplexers for satellite is used to combine OTA and Satellite signals on one cable run and then diplexes out at the satellite receiver. Would need a set of 2 diplexers for wach instance you want to do so. Multi switches are used when the necessity exists to have more than 4 runs of cables to the home. In my case I have 2 multi switches for a total of 12 lines possible. 4 lines from the sat dish are run to the multi switch and this enables 8 on a WB68 Zinwell switch. I then have 4 lines from the multi switch to another multi switch inputs giving a total of 12 possible ports to use.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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