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Unlike Cable where you can split the line into multiple feeds, Sat needs a dedicated line to each unit. You cannot split the lines as with Cable unless you get into the messy Duplexers, Stackers/Destackers etc.

So Sat uses a Multiswitch. The Feeds from the Dish all go to the Multiswitch and from there to each unit. With a 3 LNB for example (the most basic setup Today) you have 1 Sat Dish and 3 LNB's. Each one points to a different Sat: 101, 110 and 119.

The feeds from the Dish all go to the Multiswitch. Lets say it is the Wb68 (Most commonly used now) This has 4 inputs, 2 flex inputs and 8 Outputs. It is commonly referred to as a 4 x 8 Multiswitch. 4 Feeds in, 8 out.

You now have 8 Feeds out, each able to pick up all the Odd and Even Transponders on each Sat. Each feed is independant of the others.

8 Feeds: Enuff for 8 Standard Receivers, 4 Dual Tuner Receivers, or a mix and match of both.

Hope this helps :D
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