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Pirate Master : Episode 11 (would have aired 8/7/2007)

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Still watching here. For the 3rd week in a row the file we watched cut the final 2 minutes of audio out. :(

So, Kendra finally gets voted out, her 6th Black Spot being the killer. Personally, I think they were nuts to not keep her and ditch Louie. Taking Kendra to the end would have to be a good thing at this point. Louie was an idiot to volunteer for the Black Spot and he's really lucky it didn't bite him.

I wonder how the game will change now. Next week there would only be 2 people voting, so I'm guessing we're in for a change-up.

Oh, and no treasure this week. Jay throws the challenge for the red team and loses nothing. Wow. I suspect that missing treasure will turn up somewhere else soon.

Christa is a sweetie. I'm rooting for her to take it all.
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I haven't watched yet, but,
Any nice recaps like the ones that have been posted in previous weeks?
mac did a decent summary.
Most of the episode concentrated on Jay throwing the challenge (Laurel and Kendra were oin his team).
The black team is off to a huge lead due to Jay's half-assed rowing...but they miss the skull where they are supposed to head right, so the red team catches up.
Kendra thought she was some sort of genius during the challenge because at one point the had to find a bottle, which contained a cloth with writing on it, and she figured out that the cloth needed to be wrapped around the bottle in order to be read.
Jay at one point is seen discovering the final part of the challenge, which is a chain leading out into the water. He's shown looking back at the others, eventually sets the chain down and tells Ben to swim out there. After Ben swims out to where the chest is, he gets his team to bring the boat out, they hoist the chest up with a grappling hook and win.
The treasure chest contains a note stating the the guy who hid it betrayed the captain and stole the loot.
Kendra enjoys eavesdropping and overheard Jay talking to Ben about how they may need to get rid of Christa. She told Christa about it during the "who should we give black spots to" meeting. Christa was pretty well blitzed due to doing shots of rum with each individual person that came in.
Louie says that he trusts Jay...Louie is clearly on crack. The episode also seemed intent on portraying Jay as being very, very confident in his position on the boat.
Louie volunteered himself for a black spot to go against Kendra to get her voted off. After some obligatory tension pre-vote, Kendra is finally ousted unanimously.
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