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Sorry for the delay... I almost forgot to watch this, as I feared would happen with the move online. Seems I wouldn't have missed much if I hadn't - but I hope some of you were waiting for the summary I had promised. The video worked great this week for me. I didn't have any problems at all - so you might want to give it a try before you settle for my summary. However, it wasn't that exciting of an episode, so if you don't have 40 minutes of your own time to waste like I did... please read on!

Here's the link again for those who want to try to watch it: (and for those who missed last weeks "memo" of the cancellation!)

As we know from episode 9, Azmyth is gone and Ben is "a little bit sad" about it. Jay likes Christa in power and says he'll do whatever he can to keep her there, because he likes others doing "his dirty work". He has recognized Nessa is a "power player" and convices Ben and Christa to bring Nessa into their group. He tells them that if they get Nessa to think she is on their side she'll do their dirty work for them. They give her a spiel about being one of the strongest and how they want her in their final four. She excitedly agrees and shakes hands with them. Cut to a scene of Jay alone with the camera saying he DOESN'T want her in his final four at all. Seems Nessa will be the next player to be burned in this game... or will she?

With Jupiter gone, Laurel and Kendra have taken on the cooking responsibilities at the request of Captain Christa. Kendra's incessant chatter is really irking many of the others. The pirates pick crews for the treasure task: Black crew with Captain Christa (who gets an extra member due to the odd number of pirates left), Jay, Laurel and Ben. The Red crew is Louie, Kendra and Nessa. They row to a beach, carry buckets of water up a steep jungle trail to a bridge, and use the water to uncover their next clue. Black crew had one more member rowing so they had an advantage and got a good lead on the others. They had to solve a math problem using the buckets of water to get the clue, and Kendra knew the correct answer but the black crew guessed wrong - so the red crew took the lead. The clue led them to a huge waterfall and a cave where they had to swim in the water to find the next clue. Kendra's lack of swimming ability put the red team in jeopardy again, as all she could do was stand near the rocks and hold on, while Louie and Nessa looked for the clue vs. four black crew members. The clue ended up being underwater, and Ben found it first, putting the black crew back in the lead. They had to hike back up another trail to a mud pit where they dig - well - squish is more like it - around for the treasure. Christa finds it first and after a tug of war under the mud with Louie, the black crew wins.

Back on the ship, the treasure is revealed to be $40,000. Christa (aka "Captain Sweetbeard") split it evenly at $10,000 each with her winning crew. She again goes the democratic way and polls the crew to see who they want her to black spot. Jay suggests they tell Nessa she's going up as a pawn against Kendra, but wants Nessa to be the one cut adrift. Sounds like Jay is a fan of "Big Brother" and the ever-popular backdoor trick. The letters are handed out, and Kendra receives her 5th black spot, and Nessa gets one too per Jay's plan. Nessa is extremely upset because she thought they had made a deal earlier to take her with them to the final four. Jay lies to Nessa and says he's not out to get her, if anyone is, it's Christa.

At Pirate's Court - Christa says she picked Kendra for "same reasons as always" - weak swimmer, etc. She says Nessa was picked for the exact opposite. She is fast and a strong competitor. Kendra gives the same speech again for the 5th time about why to keep her blah blah blah wah wah wah. Jay calls her the "black spot baby" and a "non-threat". Nessa defends herself by saying she is flattered to be black spotted for her strength, and that they should keep her to help win treasure rather than Kendra and that it should be more important than the threat she may be. She asks them all point blank if she is up because of some special deal she didn't know about, and they all deny any conspiracy. The ballot cards are counted... and unanimously - Nessa's voyage is over. She was very shocked that it was unanimous, and her parting words included: "I'm both flattered and disgusted at your folks' cowardice.... have fun eating each other alive!" Ben is probably the only one with somewhat of a conscience, and he says a half-hearted "I'm sorry" to her as she floats away on the little raft.

Hmmm... yet another fairly predictable episode. Not quite as fun as last weeks. We're down to six pirates - for those keeping score.
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