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JnApop said:
I'd like to see brains win out over braun once in a while. :)
Yes, the challenge design is quite poor. They really need some variety here, something Survivor manages to do. What we have right now is just pure physicality, and it's been that way all along.

Sadara said:
I keep thinking that these expeditions should have two different routes.... one for the red team, one for the black team, then they meet up at the final point where the treasure is. This way one team cannot cheat off the other team.
Excellent idea.

JETarpon said:
I was thinking they were about due for "There are too many officers for this size crew." Then have the two sidekick officers draw balls to see which would be on the black team and which would be on the red team.
Another excellent idea. Something to shake things up is desperately needed. Hopefully next week will be that.
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