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Pioneer Tivo Dvr-57hr And Direct Tv

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I just bought a DVR-57H and I have no idea on how to connect it to my Direct TV. So far, I connect a coax cable from the multiswitch to the coax input of the Pioneer DVR-57H. I also connect a yellow, red and white RCA-jacks from the Video-1 output of the Direct TV DVR to the video 1 of the 57H DVR.


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There's no reason to hook your satellite feed directly to the TiVo.

The TiVo isn't a satellite box, and it can't tune your satellite channels.

Think of the TiVo as a TV set. You have to feed the satellite box into the recorder the same as if you were hooking up a television set.

Let your satellite feed go into the DirecTV box as usual.

Feed the DirecTV box to the TiVo by way of audio/video lines, whatever the traffic will allow. (I don't have DirecTV nor a Pioneer TiVo, so I don't know if you have S-Video or RF as options.)

When the satellite box is hooked into the TiVo, make sure your TiVo is feeding properly into the TV, and that you can see on the TV what the TiVo is doing.

Then put the TiVo into Guided Setup, telling it your source is DirecTV. Follow the instructions.

You DO have an IR blaster set up to control the DirecTV box's channel changes, don't you?
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Thanks Gastrof,

I now have video through S-Video, but no audio obviously.

I then try Video1 and Video2 input. I have nothing on both. It is not a connection problem. It is most likely a menu set up problem. I do not know where to go in the TiVo menu to set up Audio, to make sure I am getting Audio in and Video in through Video1 and/or Video 2.

Thanks again

Thanks Gastrof.

I found the problem. The unit seems to have been damaged during shipping and the Video1/2 block was broken, and I had to remove everything from the DVR and repair the Main Board.

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